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Deciding On Where To Have New Jersey Weddings

Finding a wonderful even venues for New Jersey weddings doesn't have to be hard. There are some popular places as well as those that are lovely but not so well known. Some locations are very simple and others are quite extravagant. Here are some ideas to consider for those planning upcoming New Jersey weddings.

Skylands Manor For those that dream of New Jersey weddings in a luxurious setting, Skylands Manor is the event venues in NJ to do it! Plan at least a year in advance though because this facility books up quickly. It is located in the Northwest part of New Jersey, in Ringwood. The wedding in a castle and the reception can take place in the elegant surrounding gardens.

This is a great for a spring or summer wedding. Up to 300 guests can fit into the castle for a ceremony and there are 54 rooms. There are two sizable ballrooms for indoor receptions that take place in the fall or winter months.

Trump Marina

Atlantic City is a common venue for New Jersey weddings. Trump Marina is an upscale option to consider. It has a very intimate and romantic feel to it with reminders of Paris all around it. This is a great for a large wedding as the reception hall holds up to 2,000 people.

The Palace at Somerset Park

Many couples dream of going to Europe for a wedding, but it isn't always practical. The Palace at Somerset Park though can be a close alternative for New Jersey weddings. The venue has plenty of art with attention to detail that offers a sophisticated and elegant touch to any wedding and reception.

Crystal Point

Many New Jersey weddings at Crystal Point. It is a boat lover's paradise! The actual wedding along the water in NJ. The reception can be hosted on a lovely yacht that never leaves the port. Now you won't have to worry about your guests that could get seasick!

The Graycliff

For couples looking for stress free choices, The Graycliff is the ideal for New Jersey weddings. It doesn't lack the beauty or the charm you wish to have for your wedding. Yet it is a private and relaxing setting at the same time. This is a great for a small wedding. There is the option for the actual wedding indoors or outdoors.

For the outdoors option, there is a circular structure with Greek gods and goddesses that adorn it. This is a very appealing venue for New Jersey weddings to NJ and to get remarkable wedding photos.

Point Pleasant

The Jersey shore can be a wonderful place for a wedding to take place. One of the great locations that have been recently upgraded and parts rebuilt is in Point Pleasant. It offers a romantic atmosphere and there are plenty of areas for some private nuptials to take place.

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